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Names from ancient hebrew or jewish origin can be seen in many societies all over the world; and this is for many different reasons. Jewish names are fascinating by their very ancient heritage of wisdom as well as by the poetry of how they sound; they often are worn by non-jews (gentiles) as well as actual jews everywhere. But of course, followers of Judaism are recommended to continue the tradition that has helped the survival and flourishing of the jewish culture, and to give a jewish name they like for their new baby.  Sometimes, the jewish parents will pick two names for their baby: a jewish name for the synagogue and another one for everyday life in the gentile world.

As we all know, finding a good name is an important decision that will affect all of the baby's life! In this site we strive to provide you with the largest list of hebrew names available in one place on the internet; along with correct hebrew spelling of the name, and the meaning of the name. The purpose of this focused site is twofold: first to suggest proper jewish names to couples for their new child or in second place to explain the jewish names meanings for names you might have heard or might have encountered and were curious to know more about it.

Please note that this site is best viewed with the hebrew characters set properly installed on your computer, although this is not a necessity. If hebrew is not installed on your computer you will see little squares or funny characters in place of the hebrew text.

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