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Jewish Names for boys beginning with the letter 'G'

Here are the most frequently used jewish names beginning with the letter G. In order to go to main jewish names page, click that link.

Gabai meaning: Public official; synagogue attendant
Gad( גָּד ) meaning: Fortune; happiness
Gaddi, Gadi meaning: My happiness
Gaddiel meaning: God is my happiness
Gadish meaning: Stack of corn
Gafni meaning: My vine
Gai meaning: Valley
Gal meaning: Wave
Galel meaning: Wave of God
Galil meaning: A rolled sheet
Galon( גַּלְאוֹן ) meaning: Wave of strenght, courage
Galron meaning: Wave of joy
Gamal, Gamla meaning: Camel
Gamaliel, Gamliel( גַּמְלִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my reward
Gan meaning: Garden
Ganel meaning: Garden of God
Gani meaning: My garden
Gavish meaning: Crystal
Gavriel, Gabriel( גַּבְרִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my might
Gdalya, Gdalyahu, Gedalia( גְּדַלְיָה ) meaning: God is great
Gedi meaning: Goat
Gefaniah, Gefanya meaning: Vineyard of God
Gemali meaning: My camel
Gershom( גֵּרְשֹׁם ) meaning: Foreigner, stranger
Geshem meaning: Rain
Geuel meaning: Majesty of God
Gev meaning: Cistern
Geva( גֶּבַע ) meaning: Hill
Gevaram meaning: Strenght of a nation
Gevarel, Gevaryah, Gevaryahu meaning: Strenght of God
Gibbor, Gibor meaning: Hero
Gibeon meaning: Hill
Gideon, Gidon, Gidi( גִּדְעוֹן ) meaning: Hewer; mighty warrior
Gidron meaning: Songbird
Gil-Ad, Gilad, Gilead( גִּלְעָד ) meaning: Eternal Joy
Gilam meaning: Joy of a nation
Gildor meaning: Generation of joy
Gilon meaning: Joy and strenght
Ginat meaning: Garden
Gineton, Ginton meaning: Garden
Glora meaning: Strong
Gitai meaning: Grape presser
Gmali meaning: My camel, my reward
Gmaria, Gmariah, Gmarya meaning: Accomplishments of God
Go'el, Goel( גּוֹאֵל ) meaning: Rescuer, redeemer
Golan( גּוֹלָן ) meaning: Refuge
Goren meaning: Threshing floor
Guryon ( גֻּרְיוֹן ) meaning: Lion