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Listing of Jewish Names for boys that start by the 'R' letter

An exhaustive list of jewish names and hebrew names starting with an 'R'. To return back to main page: jewish names use that link.

Raam, Raamah meaning: Thunder
Raamia, Raamiah, Raamiyah meaning: God's thunder
Raanan ( רַעֲנָן ) meaning: Flourishing
Rabbah meaning: Teacher
Racham meaning: Compassionate
Rachamim, Rahamim ( רַחֲמִים ) meaning: Compassionate
Rachim meaning: Compassion
Rachmiel meaning: God is my comforter; God is my mercy
Rafa, Rapha meaning: God heals
Rafael, Refael, Rephael ( רְפָאֵל ) meaning: God has healed
Raham( רחם ) meaning: Compassionate
Rahamim( רַחֲמִים ) meaning: Compassionate
Ram ( רָם ) meaning: Tall, Pleasing
Ramia, Ramiah, Ramya meaning: God is exalted
Ranan meaning: Flourishing
Ranen meaning: To be singing, to be joyful
Rani, Ranni ( רָנִּי ) meaning: To sing joyfully
Rapha meaning: God heals
Raviya meaning: Fourth, four
Raziel ( רָזִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my secret
Regev ( רֶגֶב ) meaning: Clod, lump of earth
Re'uven, Reuben, Reuven, Ruben ( רְאוּבֵן ) meaning: Behold, a son
Rephaiah meaning: God has healed
Resheph ( רֶשֶׁף ) meaning: Fire, a spark
Reuel meaning: Friend of God
Rishon meaning: the first
Rivai meaning: Strife, contention
Ronel meaning: Song of Jehovah
Rozen meaning: Ruler
Ruben ( רְאוּבֵן ) meaning: Behold, a son