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Jewish Names for boys compilation; hebrew names beginning with the 'Z' letter

Now here is the list of jewish names for boys, the ones that start by the letter z. You will notice there are many names in here that are also part of the T list; because these hebrew names are sometimes written starting with "TZ" instead. To go back to the main page for jewish names use that link.

Zabar( צַבָּר ) meaning: Cactus
Zach( צַח ) meaning: Pure
Zacharia, Zechariah ( זְכַרְיָה ) meaning: The Lord remembers
Zachri meaning: My shrine
Zadik, Zadok ( צָדוֹק ) meaning: Righteous; just
Zafrir ( צַפְרִיר ) meaning: Morning wind
Zafriri meaning: Morning wind
Zahal meaning: Joy; Israel defense forces
Zahalon meaning: Joy; Israel defense forces
Zahav( זָהָב ) meaning: Gold
Zahavi meaning: Gold
Zahir, Zahur meaning: Shining, flourishing
Zait, Zayit meaning: Olive
Zak meaning: Pure; the Lord remembers
Zakal meaning: Pure
Zakif, Zakuf meaning: Upright
Zakkai meaning: Pure
Zalaf meaning: Caper shrub
Zalman, Zalmon ( זַלְמָן ) meaning: Shady, darkness
Zalul meaning: Limpid
Zamir meaning: Thought
Zavad meaning: Bestowal
Zavdi meaning: My gift
Zavdiel meaning: God is my gift
Zayit meaning: Olive
Zcharyahu meaning: The Lord remembers
Ze'el meaning: Jujube tree; shadow
Ze'elon meaning: Poinciana plant
Ze'ev, Zeev ( זְאֵב ) meaning: Wolf
Ze'evi meaning: My wolf
Zebedee meaning: God has given
Zebulun, Zebulon ( זְבוּלוּן ) meaning: To exalt; lofty house
Zecharia, Zecharya, Zecharyahu ( זְכַרְיָה ) meaning: The Lord remembers
Zecher meaning: Memory
Zedef( צֶדֶף ) meaning: Mother of pearl
Zefania, Zefaniah, Zephaniah ( צְפַנְיָה ) meaning: Secret of God
Zeharia, Zehariah, Zeharya meaning: Brightness of God
Zehavit (see Zahavi) ( זְהָבִית ) meaning: Derived from zahav, gold
Zekaria, Zekarya, Zekaryah, Zekaryahu meaning: The Lord remembers
Zeke meaning: God will strengthen
Zekharya meaning: The Lord remembers
Zemaria, Zemariah, Zemarya meaning: Song of God
Zemer meaning: Song
Zemira, Zemirah meaning: Song
Zer meaning: Crown
Zerach meaning: Light, a lamp
Zerachia meaning: The rising light of the Lord
Zerem meaning: Stream
Zerika meaning: Sprinkling
Zetan meaning: Olive tree
Zev( זְאֵב ) meaning: Wolf
Zevach meaning: Offering
Zevachiah meaning: Offering of god
Zevadiah meaning: God has given
Zevi( צְבִי ) meaning: Gazelle or glory
Zevid meaning: Gift, bestowal
Zeviel meaning: Gazelle of God; glory of God
Zevulun meaning: To exalt; lofty house
Zili meaning: My shadow
Zimra meaning: Song; singing
Zimran meaning: My song
Zimri meaning: My song; mountain-sheep
Ziv ( זִיו ) meaning: Brilliance
Ziv-El, Zivel meaning: Light of God
Zivi meaning: Brilliance
Zlafchad meaning: Guarded from worry; shadow of fear
Zohar ( זֹהַר ) meaning: Brightness
Zomeir meaning: Person who prunes vines
Zuri( צוּרִי ) meaning: Big rock
Zuriel ( צוּרִיאֵל ) meaning: Rock of God
Zurishadai meaning: God is my rock; rock of God