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Jewish Names for boys beginning with the letter 'A'

There are many jewish names beginning with the letter A, first letter of both the hebrew and roman alphabets. To return to main jewish names and meanings page, click on that link...

Aaron, Aharon, Aron ( אַהֲרֹן ) meaning: Mountain
Abarronmeaning: Father of a multitude
Abahu meaning: The Lord is my father
Abba( אַבָּא ) meaning: Father
Abdiel( עֲבְדִּיאֵל ) meaning: Servant of God
Abel, Able( הבל ) meaning: Breath or Vapour, second child of Adam and Eve
Abidan ( אֲבִידָן ) meaning: my father is judge
Abiyel ( אֲבִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my father
Abraham, Avraham ( אַבְרָהָם ) meaning: Father of a multitude, many nations
Absolom, Absalom ( אַבְשָׁלוֹם )meaning: Father of peace, my father is peace
Achisar meaning:My princely brother
Adaia meaning: Adornment of God
Adam ( אָדָם ) meaning: Man
Adael meaning: God is witness; adorned by God
Adar( אַדָּר ) meaning: Illustrious, exalted
Aden, Adin ( עָדִין ) meaning: Slender, Gentle, Courteous, Handsome
Adir ( אַדִּיר )meaning: Majestic
Admon meaning: Red
Admiel form of Adam meaning: Man of God; God's Earth
Adon meaning: Master
Adonai( אֲדׄנָי ) meaning : My master
Adriel, Adriyel meaning: Followers of God
Ager meaning: Knowledgeable
Ahab meaning: Father's brother; uncle
Ahsalom meaning: Father of peace
Aitan meaning: Fights for possession, strong
Akiba, Akiva( עֲקִיבָא ) meaning: Grasped by the heel
Akim meaning: The one who God exhalts
Aksel, Axel meaning: Father of peace

Aleph meaning: Leader, first letter of the hebrew alphabet
Alijah, Elijah ( אֱלִיָּהוּ ) meaning: The lord is my God
Alon, Allon ( אַלוֹן ) meaning: Oak tree
Alter meaning from Yiddish: Old
Alva, Alvah meaning: Height
Alvan meaning: Tall
Amasa meaning: Burden
Amariah, Amarya( אֲמַרְיָה ) meaning: God has said, whom God spoke of
Ami( עַמִּי ) meaning: My people
Amiad( עַמִּיעַד ) meaning: My people is eternal
Amichai( עַמִיחַי ) meaning: My nation lives, my people are alive
Amiel, Ammiel( עַמִּיאֵל ) meaning: God of my people
Amikam ( עַמִּיקָם ) meaning: My people has risen
Amir ( אָמִיר ) meaning: Treetop; sheaf
Amiram( עַמִּירָם ) meaning: My nation is supreme
Amita meaning: Friend; truth
Ammitai, Amittai( אֲמִתַּי ) meaning: Truth; friend
Amon meaning: Educator; builder
Amos ( עָמוֹס ) meaning:  carried
Amram meaning: Mighty nation
Arad meaning: Wild ox
Aram ( אַרָם ) meaning: Exalted
Ardon( אַרְדּוֹן ) meaning: Roving; fugitive, son of Caleb
Ari, Arie, Arye, Aryeh ( אַרְיֵה ) meaning: Lion in hebrew
Ariel ( אֲרִיאֵל ) meaning: Lion of God
Arion meaning: Melodious, with melody
Arlan, Arland meaning: Pledge
Armen, Armin
Armon meaning: Fortress or castle
Aryeh (see Arie)(אֲרִי)Meaning: Lion
Asa ( אָסָא ) meaning: Doctor, healer
Asaf, Asaph ( אָסָף ) meaning: God accumulated; He gathered; gatherer
Asher, Ashur( אָשֵׁר ) meaning: Fortunate; blessed; happy
Avi ( אֲבִי ) meaning: my father
Avichai, Avishai, Abichai( אֲבִישַׁי ) meaning: My father is a gift; gift of the father
Avidan( אֲבִידָן ) meaning: My father is judge
Avidor meaning: Father of a generation
Aviel meaning: God is my father
Avimelech( אֲבִימֶלֶך ) meaning: My father is king
Aviram( אֲבִירָם ) meaning: My father is exalted
Avital meaning: Father of the dew
Avner meaning: The father is a source of light
Avniel( אֲבְנִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my stone
Avsalom, Avshalom meaning: Father of peace
Azaria, Azaryah meaning: He whom God has helped
Azaryahu meaning: God has helped me
Azariel, Azriel ( עַזְרִיאֵל )meaning: God is my support, help of God
Azzanmeaning: Strong one, powerful