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Jewish Names for boys beginning with the letter 'B'

Beginning with the letter 'B', many jewish names will begin with the particle 'Ben' which means 'son of', used mostly figuratively. To go back to jewish names main page, use this link.

Bama Son of Prophecy
Barak, Barrak  ( בָּרָק ) meaning: Lightning
Baram( בָּרַעַם )meaning: Son of the nation
Barel, Bar'el( בַּר-אֵל )meaning: Son of God
Barnabas, Barnabe, Barnaby( בארנבס )meaning: Son of exhortation, comfort
Baron, Barron meaning: Son of Aaron
Bartel meaning: Ploughman
Barth meaning: Short of Bartholomew
Bartholomew, Bart( ברתולומיאו ) meaning: son of Talmai (Talmi)
Baruch ( בָּרוּך ) meaning: Blessed
Bechor( בְּכוֹר )meaning: First born, Eldest
Ben ( בֵּן )meaning: Son
Benami, Benammi ( בֶּן-עַמִּי )meaning: Son (member) of my people
Beniel( בֶּנִיאֵל )
Benjamin, Binyamin, Benjy ( בִּנְיָמִין ) meaning: Son of my right hand, or South
Benzion ( בן ציון )meaning: Son of Zion
Berakhiah, Berekiah meaning: God blesses, blessed of God
Betzalel( בְּצַלְאֵל )Biblical figure. In the Shadow of God
Beri( בְּאֵרִי )meaning: Wisdom
Bezaleel, Betzalel ( בְּצַלְאֵל )meaning: In the shadow of God
Biran( בִּירָן )meaning: fortress
Boaz, Boas ( בֹּעַז ) meaning: Beautiful, quick, strong
Bohdan, Bogdan ( בוגדן )meaning: Gift from God
Brosh( בְרוֹשׁ )meaning: Cypress tree