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Jewish Names for boys beginning with the letter 'D'

Presenting now the jewish names for boys that begin with the letter 'D'; here note the particle 'Dan' that means 'judge'. Knowing this, if we analyse the popular name Daniel we get this: Dan 'judge' i 'my' El 'God' or God is my judge. To return back to main page use this link: hebrew names main page.

Dael meaning: Knowledge of God
Dagan meaning: Grain
Dalfon meaning: Raindrop
Dan( דָּן ) meaning: Judge
Danel meaning: God judges
Daniel ( דָּנִיֵּאל ) meaning: God is my judge
Dar( בַּר ) meaning: Mother-of-pearl
Dathan( דָּתָן ) meaning: Belonging to a fountain
Datiel meaning: God's knowledge
David( דָּוִד ) meaning: Beloved
Dayan meaning: The judge
Dekel ( דֶּקֶל ) meaning: Palm tree; date tree
Deker meaning: to pierce
Deuel meaning: Knowledge of God
Din meaning: Judgement
Dishon meaning: To thresh, to thread upon
Divon meaning: To treat gently, walk gently
Divri, Debir( דְּבִיר ) meaning: My Temple, the most holy place
Dori ( דּוֹרִי ) meaning: My generation
Dor( דּוֹר )meaning: generation (for boys and girls)
Dov( דֹב ) meaning: Bear
Dovev( דּוֹבֵב ) meaning: Whisper
Dror( דְּרוֹר ) meaning: Freedom, liberty; sparrow.
Duriel( דוריאל ) meaning: God, heaven is my home