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Jewish Names for boys beginning with the letter 'E'

There are many jewish names beginning with the letter E; the particle 'EL' from hebrew names means God, and this is from the original Semitic language from which hebrew and arabic emerged. In arabic 'EL' became 'Allah'; to return to this jewish names website main page use this link.

Efron meaning: Bird
Ehud ( אֵהוּד  ) meaning: United
Eifah meaning: Darkness, gloom
Einan( עֵינָן ) meaning: Eyes
Eitan ( אֵיתָן ) meaning: Strong, firm, impetuous
Eker meaning: Root, an offspring
Elazar, Eleazar meaning: God is my help
Eldad meaning: Beloved of God
Eli, Elie meaning: Ascend; my God
Eliada meaning: God knew
Eliakim meaning: God will establish
Eliam meaning: God's people
Eliasaf, Eliasaph meaning: God will gather
Eliashiv meaning: God will answer
Eliashuv meaning: God will come again
Eliav meaning: my God is my father
Elida meaning: God knows, judges
Eliel meaning: The Lord is my God
Eliezer meaning: My God is helpfulness
Elijah, Alijah ( אֱלִיָּהוּ ) meaning: My God is Yahweh
Elimelech meaning: My God is the King
Elinatan meaning: My God has given
Elior ( אֱלִיאוֹר ) meaning: God is my light
Eliram, Eliran meaning: My God is nice
Eliron meaning: My god is joy
Elishua meaning: My God is deliverance
Eliezer meaning: My God helps
Elrad meaning: God is the ruler
Elran meaning: God is happy
Elyada meaning: God knew
Elyakim meaning: God will establish himself
Elyasaf meaning: God will gather
Elyashiv meaning: God will answer
Elyashuv meaning: God will come again
Emek meaning: Valley
Enosh meaning: man
Ephraim, Efraim ( אֶפְרָיִם )  meaning: Fruitful
Ephron meaning: Bird
Eran meaning: Watchful, awake
Erel meaning: I will see God
Erez ( אֶרֶז ) meaning: Cedar
Eshed meaning: Waterfall
Eshel meaning: shrub
Eshkar meaning: Gift
Eshkol meaning: Grapes
Ethan ( אֵיתָן ) meaning: Enduring, strong, firm, impetuous
Etzyon meaning: Tree of Zion
Even meaning: Stone
Evenezer meaning: Stone of help; foundation stone
Evron meaning: Overwhelming anger
Evyasaf meaning: My father will gather
Evyatar meaning: Father is great
Eyal ( אֱיָל ) meaning: Might or strenght
Ezer ( עֵזֶר ) meaning: Aid, support or help
Ezra ( עֶזְרָא ) meaning: Aid or help
Ezri( עֶזְרִי ) meaning: My aid