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Jewish Names for boys beginning with the letter 'H'

This is a list of the most frequently encountred jewish names for boys beginning with the letter 'H'. To go back to main page please click on jewish names text.

Hadarezer meaning: Splendid aid
Hadassah( הֲדַסָּה ) meaning: Myrtle tree
Hadriel meaning: Majesty of God
Hagai, Haggai( חַגַּי ) meaning: Festive
Hallelya meaning: Glory to God
Hanan( חָנָן ) meaning: Compassionate
Haniel meaning: Graciousness of God
Harel( הַרְאֵל ) meaning: Mountain of God
Hartov meaning: Best of goodness
Haskel meaning: Wisdom
Hason meaning: Strong, hardy
Hed( הֵד ) meaning: Echo
Hevel( הֶבֶל ) variant of Abel, meaning: Breath
Hezekiah( חִזְקִיָּה ) meaning: power from God
Hillel( הִלֵּל ) meaning: Praise
Hiram( חִירָם ) meaning: My brother is exalted
Hitzilya meaning: God has rescued
Hodiah, Hodiya meaning: God is my glory
Hosea, Hoshea( הוֹשֵׁעַ ) meaning: To deliver
Hoshama( הושמע ) meaning: Heard by God, whom Jehovah hears
Hosheia meaning: Salvation
Hoshia meaning: God delivers
Hyman, Hymen meaning: Alive