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List of Jewish Names for boys that start with the letter 'K'

Presenting you with is a list of jewish names starting with the letter K. In order to return back to main page: jewish names.

Kadmiel meaning God is the first
Kalev (other version of Caleb, כָּלֵב ) meaning: Heart
Kalil ( כָּלִיל ) meaning: Friendly, pretty
Kalman ( קַלְמָן ) meaning:
Karel meaning: Free man, from german name Karl
Karmity ( כַּרְמִי ) meaning: Vine dresser
Katriel ( כַּתְרִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my crown
Kayam meaning: Definite, established
Kefir ( כְּפִיר ) meaning: Baby lion
Kelaya meaning: Dry grain
Kelil meaning: Crown
Kemuel ( קמואל ) meaning: God's helper
Kenaniah meaning: Yahveh makes it happen
Kessem ( קסם ) meaning: Predicting, fortune telling
Kolaiah meaning: God's voice
Konaniah meaning: Jehovah's estblishment
Korah ( קֹרַח ) meaning: Baldness
Koresh ( כורש ) meaning: Farmer