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List of Jewish Names for boys that start with the letter 'L'

In this list of jewish names beginning with 'L' you will notice the particle 'LI', which means 'I have'. In order to return back to main page: jewish names.

Laban, Lavan ( לָבָן ) meaning: White
Ladan meaning: Witness
Lanir meaning: For the ploughing; for the fertile land
Lazer meaning: God is my help
Leeran (boys and girls) meaning: My song, my joy
Leshem ( לשם )meaning: Opal
Lev ( לֵב ) meaning: Lion from latin language, heart in hebrew
Levi ( לֵוִי ) meaning: Combined
Liami meaning: I have my people
Liav ( לִיאָב ) meaning: I have a father
Lidan meaning: I have a judge
Lidor ( לִידוֹר ) meaning: I have a generation
Linir meaning: My plowed field; my plowing
Lior ( לִיאוֹר ) meaning: My light; I see
Liori meaning: I have my light
Liram meaning: My loftiness
Liron, Lirone, Liran meaning: Song is mine; I have joy
Lishai ( לִישַׁי ) meaning: I have a present
Livne, Livneh meaning: Birch-tree; poplar tree; styrax tree
Lot, Loth meaning: Envelope, protect