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List of Jewish Names (hebrew names) for boys that start with the letter 'M'

This list of jewish names beginning with 'M'; hebrew being a semitic language, sharing the same origin as arabic, it is natural to see certain names that will sound similarily between the two languages; think of melech wich means King in ancient hebrew as compared to malekh ( عاهل ) in modern arabic. If you would like to return to the main page with hebrew names, use that link.

Maadai meaning: Delight, pleasure
Maadiah, Maadya meaning: Delight of God
Maagan meaning: Jetty, anchorage
Maanit meaning: Marker, furrow
Maarav, Maaraavi meaning: West, from the west
Masseiya meaning: God's creations
Maayan (boys and girls, מַעֲיָן ) meaning: Spring, fountain
Maazia, Maaziah, Maazya, Maazyahu meaning: Strength of God; shelter of God
Macabee, Maccabee ( מקבים ) meaning: Hammer
Machir meaning: Sold merchandise
Macchion meaning: The one who forgives
Machol meaning: Dance
Magal ( מַגָּל ) meaning: Sickle
Magdiel ( מגדיאל ) meaning: A gift sent from God
Magen meaning: Shield
Malmon meaning: Good fortune, luck
Malach ( מלאך ) meaning: Messenger or angel
Malachai meaning: My messenger
Malachi, Malakhi ( מַלְאָכִי ) meaning: My messenger
Malbin meaning: To whiten
Malkam meaning: God is their ruler
Malki meaning: My king
Malkior, melkior, Melchior meaning: King city, my king is a light
Malki-Tzedek meaning: My ruler is justness
Malkiah, Malkiya meaning: God is my king
Malkiel meaning: God is my king
Malkiram meaning: My king is lofty
Malkishua meaning: My king is deliverance, salvation
Maluch meaning: King
Manoach meaning: Rest
Maon meaning: Habitation, dwelling
Maor ( מָאוֹר ) meaning Star
Maoz ( מָעוֹז ) meaning: Fortress, cliff, shelter
Maresha meaning: Summit
Mashen meaning: Support
Mata meaning: Crops field
Matanel, Mattanel ( מַתַּנְאֵל ) meaning: God's gift
Mataniah ( מַתַּנְיָה ) meaning: God's gift
Matitia, Matitya, Matitiah meaning: Gift of God
Matok meaning: Sweet
Mattan ( מַתָּן ) meaning: Gift
Meier, Meir ( מֵאִיר ) meaning: The one who illuminates
Melech meaning: King, ruler
Menachem, Menahem ( מְנַחֵם ) meaning: One who comforts
Menashe ( מנשה ) meaning: Forgetfulness
Mendel meaning: One who comforts
Methushelach meaning: Man who was sent
Micah, Micha ( מִיכָה ) meaning: Who is similar?
Micaiah meaning: Who is like God
Michael ( מיכאל ) meaning: Who is like God
Michai meaning: Who is like God
Michayahu meaning: Who is like God
Midian ( מִדְיָן ) meaning: Srife
Mishael ( מִישָׁאֵל ) meaning: Loaned, borrowed
Moïse, Moche, Moses ( מֹשֶׁה ) meaning: Drawn out of the water
Moran (Girls and Boys) meaning: Teacher, Guide
Mordechai ( מָרְדְּכַי ) meaning: Little man, worshiper of Marduk
Mori meaning: My educator
Moriel ( מוֹרִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my teacher
Mosha meaning: Salvation