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List of Jewish Names for boys that start with the letter 'N'

An exhaustive list of jewish names and hebrew names starting with an 'N'. To revert back to main page: jewish names use that link.

Naam Naaman meaning: Pleasant
Naarai meaning: Young people
Nachum, Nahum ( נַחוּם ) meaning: Comforter
Nadab, Nadav ( נדב ) meaning: Generous
Nadir, Nader ( נָדִיר ) meaning: Oath
Naftali, Naphthali ( נפתלי ) meaning: To wrestle
Nagid ( נגיד‎ ) meaning: Ruler, prince
Nahman ( נחמן ) meaning: Comforter
Nahor meaning: Light, lamp
Nahum, Nachum ( נַחוּם ) meaning: Comforter
Naim meaning: Sweet
Natan, Nathan ( נָתָן ) meaning: God has given
Nathanael, Nathanel meaning: Gift of God
Navon ( נבון ) meaning: Wise
Nechemya ( נְחֶמְיָה ) meaning: Consoled by God
Nechum meaning: Reliever of anxiety
Nedavia, Nedaviah, Nedavya meaning: Generosity of God
Nediva meaning: Noble, generous
Nehemiah meaning: Consoled by God
Ner ( נר ) meaning: Burning light
Neri (Boys and Girls) meaning: My burning light
Neria, Neriah (Boys and Girls) meaning: Burning light of God
Neriad meaning: My light burns forever
Netael meaning: Plant of God
Netania, Netaniah, Netanya (Boys and Girls) meaning: Gift of God
Netanyahu( נְתַנְיָהוּ ) meaning: Gift of God
Nethaneel, Netanel ( נְתַנְאֵל ) meaning: God has bestowed
Nir ( נִיר ) meaning: Plowed field; to plough
Niram meaning: The nation's worked fields
Nisan ( נִיסָן ) meaning: Miracle
Niv ( נִיב ) meaning: Dialect, phrase, speech
Noach, Noah, Noé ( נֹחַ ) meaning: Rest, comfort
Noadiah meaning: God's construction
Noam ( נֹעַם ) meaning: Delight, joy, pleasantness
Nur (Boys and Girls) meaning: Flame
Nurya (Boys and Girls) meaning: God's flame