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Compilation of Jewish Names for boys that begin with the 'O' letter

An exhaustive list of jewish names and hebrew names starting with an 'O'. To return back to main page: jewish names use that link.

Obadia, Obadiah ( עוֹבַדְיָה ) meaning: God's worker
Oded ( עוֹדֵ ) meaning: To encourage
Ofek, Ophek ( אֹפֶק ) meaning: Horizon
Ogen meaning: Anchor
Ohad ( אֹהַד ) meaning: Cherished
Ohel meaning: Tent
Ohev meaning: He loves
Omen meaning: Faithful
Omer ( עֹמֶר ) meaning: Little bundle of cut stalks
Omri ( עָמְרִ ) meaning: My sheaf
On ( אוֹן ) meaning: Power, strenght, courage
Or (Boys and Girls אוֹר ) meaning: Light
Oren meaning: Pine tree
Orev meaning: Raven
Orgad meaning: Light of happiness
Orel ( אוֹרְאֵל ) meaning: The light of God
Oren ( אֹרֶן ) meaning: Pine tree
Ori ( אוֹרִי ) meaning: My light
Oron meaning: Light
Ortal meaning: Morning dew
Oryan meaning: Study
Oshea meaning: Helped by God, saved by God
Osher ( אֹשֶׁר ) meaning: Happiness
Oshriel meaning: God is my happiness
Othniel meaning: Might of God
Oved meaning: Servant, serving
Oz ( עֹז ) meaning: Valor, courage or strenght
Ozni meaning: Hearing, my hearing