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Enumeration of Jewish Names for boys that begin with the 'P' letter

A comprehensive list of jewish names and hebrew names starting with a P. Again here you will notice the 'El' syllable which in given names usually means 'God'; the syllable 'iah' coming from 'Yahveh' is also present here and this one refers to God's name. To go back to main page, click jewish names.

Pagiel ( פַּגְעִיאֵל ) meaning: God allots, to pray to God
Pazel ( פאזל ) meaning: God's Gold
Pazi meaning: My gold
Pedahel meaning: Redeemed by God
Pedat ( פדת ) meaning: Redemption
Peleg ( פֶּלֶג ) meaning: Brook, creak, stream or faction
Perachiah meaning: Jehovah's flower
Peretz ( פּרץ ) meaning: Breach burst forth
Pesach, Pesah ( פֶּסַח ) meaning: Passover, Jewish Easter
Petuel meaning: Vision of God