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Jewish Names for boys that begin with an S

An exhaustive list of jewish names and hebrew names starting with an 'S'. To return back to main page: jewish names use that link.

Saad( סַעַד ) meaning: Luck
Saadia, Saadiah, Saadya ( סְעַדְיָה ) meaning: Help of God
Saadii meaning: He helped me
Saar ( סַעַר ) meaning: Storm
Sagi ( שָׂגִיא )meaning: Elevated, sublime
Sahar ( סַהַר )meaning: Moon
Salu meaning: Basket
Samai meaning: Sign, symbol
Sami meaning: elevated status
Samson ( שִׁמְשׁוֹן ) meaning: Sun
Samuel ( שְׁמוּאֵל ) meaning: His name is God
Sar meaning: Prince
Sar-Shalom meaning: Prince of peace
Saraph( שָׂרָף ) meaning: To burn, burning one
Sarid meaning: Survivor
Sariel meaning: Prince of God
Sarig ( שָׂרִיג ) meaning: Branch
Sason ( שָׂשָׂוֹן ) meaning: Joy, happiness
Saul, Saül ( שָׁאוּל ) meaning: Responded, prayed for
Schley meaning: Blackthorn berry seller; fish seller
Selig meaning: Happy (Yiddish origin)
Seth( שֵׁתֿ ) meaning: Appointed
Shacharayim( ושחרים ) meaning: Sunrise, morning
Shachor( שחור ) meaning: Black
Shadmon meaning: Plantation; farm
Shafan meaning: A badger, rabbit
Shafer meaning: Good handsome
Shaharaim meaning: Sunrise, morning
Shai( שַׁי ) meaning: Gift
Shalev meaning: Quiet, peaceful
Shalmai meaning: peace
Shalom, Shallum ( שָׁלוֹם ) meaning: Well-being, peace
Shama meaning: To hear; over there
Shamir ( שָׁמִיר ) meaning: A sharp thorn, flint
Shammai meaning:
Shaul meaning: Asked for, asked of God
Shefer ( שֶׁפֶר ) meaning: Pleasant, nice
Sheleg meaning: Snow
Shelemia, Shelemya, Shelemyahu( שָׁלמיה ) meaning: Fairness of God
Shelesh meaning: Third child
Shem meaning: Renowned
Shemaiah meaning: Heard of God
Shemariah ( שְׁמַעְיָה ) meaning: Guarding of God
Shenehav meaning: Ivory
Sheraga( שְׁרַגָא ) meaning: Candle; light, brightness
Shet meaning: Appointed
Sheva, Shevah (שֶׁבַח ) meaning: Promise, an oath
Shevi meaning: Return
Shevo meaning: Agate
Shevuel meaning: Return to God
Shia meaning: God is salvation
Shillem meaning: Reward, recompense
Shilo, Shiloh meaning: Peaceful, tranquil
Shimon, Simeon, Shi'mon ( שִׁמְעוֹן ) meaning: Heard
Shimri, Shimron meaning: My guard, my watcher
Shimshon meaning: Sun
Shmuel ( שְׁמוּאֵל ) meaning: His name is God
Shomer meaning: Guardien, watchman
Shovai meaning: Gem
Shoval meaning: Path
Siôn meaning: God is gracious
Sol meaning: Peace
Solomon ( שְׁלֹמֹה ) meaning: Derivative of 'shalom', Peace