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Jewish Names for boys that are beginning by the 'X' letter

There are no jewish or hebrew names that begin with the letter X when written in English language that I know of. To go back to the main jewish names website, use this link. The letter X came to us from the letter Ksi [ Ξ ] in the ancient greek alphabet, and there is no direct equivalent in the hebrew alphabet. Bearing this fact in mind it is easy to understand why people did not translate jewish names as starting with the letter X in English. Also, in English or using the Roman alphabet in general, the X letter can correspond to many sounds, such as 'KS', 'GZ', 'Z', which could just as well have been written using other consonants. As an example of this redundancy phenomenon we can think of the Italian alphabet, into which they chose not to include the X in their alphabet because they had no necessary use for it. Accordingly, many jewish names that could have been written with an X ended up written starting with other consonants.