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An exhaustive compilation of Jewish Names for boys that begin with the 'Y' letter

There are many hebrew names spelled with a Y in english. To return to the main page of this jewish names website, use that link.

Yaacov( יַעֲקֹב )meaning: Supplanter; held by the heel
Yaad( יָעַד ) meaning: Purpose, to appoint
Yaal meaning: He will rise
Yaalon meaning: He will rise
Yaar ( יַעֲרִ ) meaning: Woodland, forest
Yaari ( יַעֲרִי ) meaning: My forest, from the forest
Yaasai meaning: To make, to create
Yaasiel meaning: God will make me
Yaazania, Yaazanya, Yaazanyahu meaning: God will hear me
Yaaziel( יַעֲזִיאֵל ) meaning: God is my strenght, emboldened by God
Yachad meaning: In unity
Yachaziel meaning: God will see
Yachdiel meaning: Together with God
Yachel meaning: To begin
Yachid meaning: Single
Yachil meaning: To wait
Yachin meaning: He will establish
Yachini meaning: God will establish
Yada meaning: He knew
Yadael meaning: Knowledge of God
Yadid meaning: Friend
Yadin, Yadon meaning: He will judge
Yaer meaning: He will light up
Yafe meaning: handsome, beautiful
Yafim meaning: Handsome, beautiful
Yagev meaning: Farmable land
Yagil ( יָגִיל ) meaning: He will rejoice
Yahav, Yahev meaning: To offer
Yahel meaning: To build shelter; to shine
Yahelor meaning: To reflect light
Yair meaning: He will light up
Yakar meaning: Precious, dear
Yakim meaning: God will establish
Yakir ( יַקִּיר ) meaning: Dear, Loved, respected.
Yakiram meaning: Precious and strong
Yakum meaning: God will establish; God will raise
Yalon meaning: He will spend the night
Yamin meaning: Right; right-handed man
Yanai ( יַנַּאי ) meaning: He will answer
Yanetz ( יָנֵץ ) meaning: He will shine
Yanir ( יָנִיר ) meaning: He will plough the field
Yaniv, Yanuv ( יָנִיב ) meaning: He will be fruitful, productive; he will speak
Yanoach meaning: To rest
Yarden meaning: To flow down, descend
Yarin ( יָרִין ) meaning: He will be a source of joy for others
Yarkon meaning: Green
Yariv meaning: He will fight, he will strive
Yarom, Yarum meaning: He will raise up
Yaron ( יָרוֹן ) meaning: He will sing
Yashar meaning: Upright
Yashiv meaning: He will respond
Yashuv meaning: He will come back
Yasis meaning: He will rejoice
Yatniel meaning: Gifted by God
Yavin meaning: He will understand
Yavne'el meaning: God will construct
Yavneh meaning: He will build
Yavniel meaning: God will construct
Yechanya, Yechanyahu meaning: God will establish
Yechezkel meaning: God will strengthen
Yechia meaning: May God live
Yechiach meaning: May my brother live
Yechiad meaning: May He live forever
Yechiam meaning: May the nation live
Yechiav meaning: May Father live
Yechiel meaning: May God live
Yechieli meaning: May God live
Yechiya meaning: May God live
Yedaia, Yedaiah, Yedaya meaning: Knowledge of God
Yedidia, Yedidiah, Yedidya meaning: Friend of God
Yefet meaning: Handsome; beautiful
Yehiav ( יְחִיאָב ) meaning: Father shall live
Yehiel meaning: May God live
Yehieli meaning: May my God live
Yehochanan meaning: God is gracious
Yeholada meaning: God knows
Yehonadav meaning: God is generous
Yehonatan (Jonathan) meaning: God has given; gift of God
Yehoraz meaning: Secret of God
Yehoshafat meaning: God passed judgement
Yehoshua (Joshua) meaning God rescues
Yehoyachin meaning: God will establish
Yehoyada meaning: God knows
Yehoyakim (Joachim)( יְהוֹיָקִים ) meaning: God has established, God has set up
Yehoyariv meaning: God will do battle
Yehuda, Yehudah (English Judah)( יְהוּדָה ) meaning: Praise, thanks
Yehudi( יְהוּדִי ) meaning: Of the Tribe of Judah, a Jew
Yekamya meaning: Yekamya
Yekutiel meaning: God will feed
Yeor meaning: River
Yeori meaning: My river
Yerach meaning: Month
Yerachm'el, Yerachmiel( יְרַחְמְאֵל ) meaning: God will have mercy
Yered( יֶרֶד ) meaning: Descendant, descent
Yeriel meaning: Established by God
Yerocham, Yerucham, Yeruham meaning: He will show compassion
Yerushalayim( ירושלים ) meaning: City of peace
Yesha meaning: He will accept
Yeshaia, Yeshaya, Yeshayahu( יְשַׁעְיָה ) meaning: God is Salvation
Yesher( יְעוּאֵל ) meaning: Upright
Yesimael (Jesimiel)( ישִׂימִאֵל ) meaning: Whom God makes
Yeshua (Jesus)( יֵשׁוּעַ ) meaning: He will be blessed
Yevorach meaning: Salvation, he is saved
Yeuel( יְעוּאֵל ) meaning: Carried away by God
Yichya meaning: May God live
Yifrach meaning: He will flower
Yifracham meaning: My nation will flourish
Yiftach( יפתח ) meaning: He will open
Yiftach-El meaning: God will uncover
Yigael, Igael ( ייגאל ) meaning: He will be redeemed; he will be saved by God
Yigal ( יִגְאָל ) meaning: He will liberate, he will redeem
Yikon meaning: He will establish
Yitzchak (see Isaac) ( יִצְחָק ) meaning: He will laugh
Yinnon ( יִנּוֹן ) meaning: Shall last forever, he will have descendants
Yizhar ( יִזְהָר ) meaning: Derived from Zohar, light, glow; he will shine
Yizr'el meaning: God will seed
Yochai ( יוֹחַאי ) meaning: God lives
Yogev ( יוֹגֵב ) meaning: Farmer, farmable field
Yoni ( יוֹנִי ) meaning: Shortened form of Jonathan
Yossi ( יוֹסִי ) meaning: