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List of most Jewish Names for boys that begin with the 'T' letter

An extensive list of jewish names and hebrew names for boys that start with a 'T'. To come back to this website's main page: jewish names use that link.

Tabai, Tabbai meaning: Pleasant, good
Tachan meaning Prayer, supplication
Tadmor meaning: Palm tree, upright
Tal-Shachar meaning: Morning dew
Talmai( תּלִמַי ) meaning: Hill, mound, furrow
Talmi meaning: My hill, my furrow
Tanna meaning: Instructor
Tarshish meaning: Chrysolite
Tavas meaning: Peacock
Tavi meaning: Good
Tavor meaning: From mount Tavor
Teiman, Teman meaning: Right side
Telem meaning: Furrow; injure
Tema( תֶּימָא ) meaning: Admiration, perfection, consummation
Teneh meaning: Basket
Terach( תֶּרַח ) meaning: Wild goat
Tesher meaning: Gift
Tibon meaning: Natural
Tidhar( תִּדְהָר ) meaning: Pine tree
Tilon meaning: Small mound, small walk
Tiran meaning: Beginner
Tirosh meaning: New wine
Tiv meaning: Quality, goodness
Tivon meaning: Natural
Tobiah( טבֿיה ) meaning: God is good
Tomer( תּוֹמֶר ) meaning: palm tree (tall and stately like a palm tree)
Toren meaning: Flagpole
Tov meaning: Good
Tovi meaning: My kindness
Toviyahu meaning: Goodness of God
Tuviah( טוּבְיָה ) meaning: God is good
Tzabar, Tsabar ( צַבָּר ) meaning: Cactus
Tzach ( צַח ) meaning: Clean, pure
Tzachar meaning: White
Tzachi ( צוֹפִית ) meaning: My clarity
Tzadik meaning: Righteous, just
Tzadkiel meaning: My righteousness
Tzafrir, Tzafriri ( צַפְרִיר ) meaning: Morning wind or morning sunlight
Tzahal meaning: Joy, Israel defense forces
Tzahalon meaning: Joy; Israel defense forces
Tzalaf meaning: Caper shrub
Tzalmon( צַלְמוֹן ) meaning: Shade, darkness
Tzalul meaning: Limpid
Tzacharya meaning: Clarity of God
Tze'el meaning: Jujube tree; shadow
Tze'elon meaning: Poinciana plant
Tzecharya meaning: Clarity of God
Tzedef ( צֶדֶף ) meaning: Mother of pearl
Tzedekiah ( צִדְקִיָּה ) meaning: Righteousness of Jehovah
Tzefanya, Tzefanyahu meaning: Secret of God
Tzelafchad, Tzelofchad( צְלָפְחָד ) meaning: Guarded from worry; shadow of fear
Tzemach meaning: Plant
Tzephaniah( צִפַנְיָה ) meaning: Protected by God
Tzevi, Tzvee, Tsvi ( צְבִי ) meaning: Gazelle; glory
Tzeviel meaning: Gazelle of God
Tzfania, Tzfaniah, Tzfanya, Tzfanyahu ( צְפַנְיָה ) meaning: Secret of God, hidded by God, protected by God
Tzi meaning: Navy
Tzidkiyahu( צָדְקִיָה ) meaning: Justice of God
Tzlafchad, Tzlofchad( צְלָפְחָד ) meaning: Guarded from worry; shadow of fear
Tzur ( צוּף ) meaning: Rock
Tzuri( צוּרִי ) meaning: My rock
Tzuriel ( צוּרִיאֵל ) meaning: Rock of God
Tzurishadai meaning: God is my rock; rock of God

This jewish name compilation will answer to many questions such as: what is the meaning of my jewish name? Can you give us ideas on what jewish name to give to our baby boy... How do you write my name in hebrew? Should you come across a name to be added to this list please contact us.