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A compilation of Jewish Names for boys starting with the 'U' letter

There are not many hebrew names that start with U; this has something to do with how the jewish names are translated and written in english and also the simple fact that the sound 'ou' is not frequently used at the beginning of a jewish name. To return to the main page of this jewish names website, use that link.

Udi ( אוּדִ ) meaning: Shortened 'Ehud"
Uri ( אוּרִי ) meaning: My flame, my fire
Uriah ( אוּרִיָּה ) meaning: The Lord is light
Uriel ( אוּרִיאֵל ) meaning; God is my fire, my light
Uzi ( עוזי ) meaning: My strenght
Uziah, Uzziah, Uziyahu ( עוזיה ) meaning: Jehovah is my strength
Uzziel ( עוזיאל ) meaning: God is my strenght