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Hebrew Names for girls

Girls names from jewish origin have been used for baby girls since the very beginning in all western countries; in fact they exist since much before european and western nations. This use of hebrew names among gentile societies can be explained partially by the section of the Christian Bible that is shared with the Torah in both faiths; as many jewish names for girls are present in the text.

Not taking this historical fact under consideration, jewish names for girls sound very poetic and feminine; they take us back to our middle eastern roots, they just sound 'right'.  It is those poetic sounds that have been pronounced and heard for more than 3000 years... they have left their mark on our collective memory... jewish or gentile.

The jewish older tradition in naming little girls is to name the baby girls on a day when the Torah is read at the synagogue. However, in recent times many parents have begun to hold naming ceremonies for their daughters just like for their boys; this ceremony is called simhat bat, which normally takes place at the same time as a brit milah (the circumcision ceremony for baby boys) would have taken place. For both boys and girls, naming ceremonies are beautiful, often highly intense ceremonies for welcoming a new child into the world at large, and in their respective jewish community. Let us hope this website will help you find a nice hebrew name for your baby girl!

The jewish names for girls are sorted here alphabetically using the Roman alphabet; click the letter to find the names that begin by this letter: