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Hebrew names for girls that start with the 'G' letter

This a list of hebrew names for girls that begin with an 'G'. From this list you will notice many names starting with the 'Gal' prefix, which stands for oscillation, as in airwaves; 'Gil' means Joy or happiness... to return back to the jewish names main page, use that link.

Gada, Gadah( גדה ) meaning: Fortune, happiness, lucky
Gadiela, Gadiella( גדיאלה ) meaning: God is my happiness
Gadit meaning: Fortunate
Gafna meaning: Vine
Gafnit meaning: Little vine
Gaia ( גַּאיָה ) meaning: Mother earth
Gala ( גַּלָה ) meaning: Calm
Gali meaning: Hill; wave; oscillating
Galila ( גָּלִילָה ) meaning: Roll up; roll away
Gamliela meaning: God is my reward
Gamielit meaning: God is my reward
Gamielia meaning: God is my reward
Gana meaning: Garden
Gania, Ganya( גַּנְיָה ) meaning: Garden of God
Ganit( גַּנִית ) meaning: Garden
Gat meaning: Wine press
Gavriela, Gavriella ( גַּבְרִיאֵלָה ) meaning: God is my might
Gavrielle (Gabrielle) ( גַבְרִילָה ) meaning: God is my might
Gavrila meaning: Strong
Gavrilla meaning: Strong
Gayora meaning: Valley of light
Gealya meaning: Redeemed by God
Gefen meaning: Vine
Gelila, Gelilah meaning: Roll up; roll away
Geona meaning: Majesty
Geri meaning: Spear ruler
Gershona meaning: Foreigner, stranger
Gerusha, Gerushah meaning: Exiled, stranger
Geula, Geulah( גְּאוּלָה ) meaning: Redemption
Gevat meaning: Height
Gevira, Gevirah( גְּבִירָה ) meaning: Lady
Gevura, Gevurah meaning: Strenght
Gibora, Giborah meaning: Heroine
Gidona ( גִּדְעוֹנָה ) meaning:From Gidon
Gil ( גִּיל ) meaning: Happiness
Gila, Gilah ( גִּילָה ) meaning: Joy
Gilada, Giladah meaning: Eternal joy; hill of testimony
Gilana, Gilanah meaning: Joy
Gilat ( גִּילַת ) meaning: Joy
Giliah meaning: Joy of Jehovah
Gilit ( גִּילִית ) meaning: Little joy
Gina ( גִּנָּה ) meaning: Garden
Giva, Givah meaning: Hill, high place
Givola meaning: Budding
Giza meaning: Fleece, cut stone
Golana meaning: Refuge
Golanit meaning: Refuge
Golda( גּוֹלְדָּה ) meaning: From the germanic languages word "Gold"
Gozala meaning: Hatchling, young bird
Gvira( גְּבִירָה ) meaning: Lady, important woman