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Jewish names for girls that begin with the letter R

This is a list of jewish names for girls that begin by the R letter. Here you will find historically popular names such as Rachel, Ruth and many more.

Raakel, Raakkelmeaning: Ewe
Raananameaning: Lucious
Rachael, Rachel( רָחֵל )meaning: Ewe, female sheep
Rachmielameaning: God is my comforter; God is my mercy
Rafaela, Raffaellameaning: God has healed
Rafyameaning: The healing of Jehovah
Raia, Rayameaning: Friend
Rakefet( רַקֶּפֶת )meaning: Cyclamen (plant)
Ramah( רָמָה )meaning: Lofty, high, exalted
Ranana, Rananahmeaning: Lucious
Ranit, Ranita( רָנִּית )meaning: Melody, song, joy, joyful songs
Raphaela( רְפָאֵלָה )meaning: God has healed
Raquelmeaning: Ewe
Raya( רַעְיָה )meaning: Beloved woman; wife; friend
Raziahmeaning: Secretly
Razielameaning: The Lord is my secret
Razilimeaning: My secret
Rebmeaning: To tie
Rebeca, Rebecca, Rebekah( רִבְקָה )meaning: To tie
Rebi, Rebymeaning: To tie
Reichanameaning: Sweet smelling
Remaziahmeaning: A sign from Jehovah
Renana( רְנָנָה ) meaning: Joy, song
Reubena, Reubinameaning: Behold, a son
Revayameaning: Pleased, satisfied, gratified
Reviva( רְבִיבָה )meaning: Dew; mist; rain
Ria, Riahmeaning: Bitter
Ribqah, Rivka( רִבְקָה )meaning: Ensnarer
Rickmameaning: Woven material
Rifkameaning: To bind, ensnarer
Rimon, Rimona( רִמּוֹן )meaning: Pomegranate
Rina, Rinnah( רִנָּה )meaning: Singing, joyful sounds, shouting for joy
Rinatyameaning: Jehovah's song
Rishonameaning: First
Rizpah, Ritzpah( רִצְפָּה )meaning: Hot stone, a coal
Riva, Reba( רִיבָה )meaning: To bind, ensnarer
Rona( רֹנָּה )meaning: Ruler with counsel
Roni ( רוֹנִי )meaning: My song
Ronia, Roniyameaning: Chant of God
Ronili, Ronli( רוֹנְלִי )meaning: Joy is mine, I have joyful singing
Roshmeaning: Chief
Rotem( רֹתֶם )meaning: Furze (a plant's name)
Ruchama, Ruhamah( רוּחָמָה )meaning: Beloved; one who has received mercy
Rut, Ruth( רוּת )meaning: Friend