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Jewish names for girls that begin with the letter Z

This is a list of jewish names for girls that begin with the letter Z. Here you will notice the use of the word zahav (זהב) used in jewish names which means gold in hebrew;

Zabarit meaning: Cactus
Zabel meaning: My God is a vow
Zacari meaning: The Lord remembers
Zadika meaning: Righteous, just; pious
Zafnat meaning: Hidden
Zafra meaning: Morning
Zafrira ( צַפְרִירָה ) meaning: Morning wind
Zahala meaning: Joy
Zahara meaning: Shining; flower
Zaharira ( זַהֲרִירָה ) meaning: Derived from the name Zohar; light, brilliance, glow
Zahava, Zahavah meaning: Gold
Zaka, Zakah meaning: Pure
Zakia, Zakiya ( זַכִּיָּה ) meaning: God's purity
Zameret meaning: Tree top
Zamira meaning: Thought
Zana meaning: Lilly
Zanna meaning: Lilly; rose
Zara ( זָרָה ) meaning: Stranger
Zayit ( זַיִת ) meaning: Olive
Zaza meaming: Movement
Ze'eva, Zeeva ( צֶאֱלָה ) meaning: Female wolf
Zefira meaning: Crown, morning
Zehara meaning: Brightness
Zehava ( זֶהָבָה ) meaning: Golden one
Zehavit ( זְהָבִית ) meaning: Golden one
Zehavya meaning: God's gold
Zehira meaning: Careful, cautious
Zehuva meaning: Golden one
Zeira meaning: Youthful, young
Zelpha meaning: Frailty
Zelphia meaning: Frailty
Zemicha meaning: Flowering, blossoming
Zemira, Zemirah meaning: Song
Zemora, Zemorah meaning: Branch or song
Zera meaning: Seed
Zeruiah, Zeruya ( צְרוּיָה ) meaning: Balm of God
Zevida meaning: Gift
Zhanna meaning: God is gracious
Zibiah ( צִבְיָה ) meaning: Splendor, brilliance
Zila, Zeela ( צֶאֱלָה ) meaning: Shadow, shade, gloom
Zilla, Zillah ( צֶאֱלָה ) meaning: Shadow, shaded place
Zilpah ( זִלְפָּה ) meaning: To trickle, youthful
Zilpha meaning: Frailty
Zilphia meaning: Frailty
Zimra meaning: Song, singing
Zimria, Zimriah, Zimriya meaning: Songfest
Ziona ( צִיּוֹנָה ) meaning: derived from Zion name
Zipiya meaning: Hope
Ziporen meaning: Carnation
Zipporah ( צִפּוֹרָה ) meaning: Female bird
Zira, Zirah meaning: Arena, ring
Ziva, Zivah ( זִיוָה ) meaning: Splendor
Zivanit meaning: Lilly of the valley
Zivia, Zivya ( צִבְיָה ) meaning: Splendor of God
Zivit ( זִיוִית ) meaning Splendor, brilliance
Zivya meaning: Splendor of God
Zohar ( זׄהַר ) meaning: Brilliant
Zohara ( זָהֳרָה ) meaning: derived from Zohar, light, brilliance
Zoharit ( זָהֳרִית ) meaning: from Zohar, light, glow, brilliance
Zuria, Zuriya meaning: Rock of God
Zuriela meaning: Rock of God
Zviya ( צְבִיָּה ) meaning: Female gazelle

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