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Jewish names for girls starting by the letter A

Here is a long list of the feminine jewish names beginning with the letter A. In order to go to main jewish names page, click that link.

Abia, Abiah meaning: God is my father
Abichayil meaning: My father is courage
Abida meaning: One who worships
Abiela, Abiella meaning: God is my father
Abihail meaning: My father is strength; father of might
Abiella, Abiela meaning: God is my father
Abigail ( אֲבִיגַיִל ) meaning: Her father's joy, or fountain of joy
Abira meaning: Strong, brave
Achava meaning: Friendship
Achinoam ( אֲחִינֹעַם ) meaning: Hebrew of Ahinoam
Achsah meaning: Anklet, adorned
Achuza meaning: Possession
Ada, Adah ( עָדָה ) meaning: Noble kind; of the noble sort or ornament
Adara meaning: Illustrious; exalted
Adena, Adina meaning: Slender
Adi ( עֲדִי ) meaning: Ornament or jewel
Adiah meaning: God's ornament
Adina ( עֲדִינָה ) meaning: Slender
Adira meaning: Majestic; mighty, strong
Adiva( אֲדִיבָה ) meaning: Courteous, pleasant, grateful
Adiya meaning: God's ornament
Adva ( אַדְוָה ) meaning: Wave, ripple
Ahava, Ahavah, Ahavat meaning: Love, brotherhood
Ahuva, Ahuvah ( אֲהוּבָה ) meaning: Beloved
Alei meaning: Leaf
Alima, Aluma( אֲלוּמָה ) meaning: Powerful, strong
Alitsa, Alitza, Aliza( עַלִּיזָה ) meaning: Cheerful, merry
Aliya, Aliyah ( עֲלִיָּה ) meaning: To ascend
Alma ( אַלְמָה ) meaning: Young woman
Almana meaning: Alone; lonely; widow
Alona( אַלוֹנָה ) meaning: Oak
Alonit meaning: Little oak
Amalia, Amalya ( עֲמַלְיָה ) meaning: Work of the Lord
Amania, Amaniah, Amanya meaning: Faith in God, the artist of God
Amida, Amidah meaning: upright
Amiela meaning: God of my people
Amira ( אֲמִירָה ) meaning: Princess; prosperous
Amirit meaning: Speech, sheaf of corn
Amisa, Amissa, Amissah meaning: Companion
Amitza, Amitzah meaning: Brave, strong
Amma meaning: Servant
Ammiela meaning: God of my people
Amya meaning: High place
Anael ( אָנָּאֵל ) meaning: God is pleased
Anina meaning: Grace, favor
Aniya, Aniyah meaning: ship
Arela, Arelia meaning: Angel, messenger
Aria meaning: Lion
Ariela, Arielle ( אֲרִיאֵלָה ) meaning: Lion of God
Ariza meaning: Cedar panels
Armona meaning: Chestnut tree; castle
Arza meaning: Cedar tree
Arzit meaning: Little cedar
Asenath meaning: Follower of Neith
Ashera, Ashira meaning: Fortunate; blessed; happy
Asisa meaning: Juicy, ripe
Astera meaning: Star
Atalya, Athalia, Athaliah ( עֲתַלְיָה ) meaning: God is praised
Atara, Atarah ( עֲטָרָה ) meaning: Crown
Avia meaning: God is my father
Aviela, Aviella meaning: God is my father
Avigail, Avigayil meaning: Father's joy
Avigal meaning: Father of waves; Father's joy
Avigdora meaning: Father protector
Avirama meaning: My father is exalted
Avirit meaning: Atmosphere
Aviva, Avivah ( אֲבִיבָה ) meaning: Spring, springtime
Avivia, Avivya, Aviviya meaning: Spring of God
Avna meaning: Stone
Avniela meaning: God is my stone
Avtalia meaning: Lamb, fawn
Ayala, Ayalah ( אַיָּלָה ) meaning: Female deer
Ayelet meaning: Dawn, deer
Ayla( אֵלָה ) meaning: Oak tree
Azalia, Azalya meaning: Withdrawal of God
Azizah meaning: Powerful, strong
Azra meaning: Help
Azriela meaning: God is my aid