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Jewish names for girls that start by the letter B

This is a list of jewish names for girls that begin by the letter B; you will note that many names from that list begin with the prefix 'Bat'; this prefix means 'daughter of' in hebrew and is present in many jewish names for girls as well.

Bahat( בַּ֫הַט ) meaning: Alabaster, porphyry
Bakara meaning: Visitation
Barkait meaning: Morning star
Bashemath ( בָּשְׂמַת ) meaning: Perfume
Bat Am meaning: Daughter of a nation
Bat Ami( בַּת-עַמִּי ) meaning: Daughter of my nation
Bat-Chen (Bat-Hen)( בַּת-חֵן ) meaning: Daughter of grace, graceful girl
Bat-El( בַּתְאֵל ) meaning: Daughter of God
Bat-Eli meaning: Daughter of my God
Bat-Li meaning: I have a daughter
Bat-Shahar( בַּת-שַׁחַר ) meaning: Daughter of dawn
Bat-Shir meaning: Inspiration
Bat-Shua, Batshua meaning: Daughter of opulence, daughter of wealth
Bat Yam( בַּת יָם ) meaning: Daughter of the sea
Bat-Zion, Bat-Tzion( בַּת-צִיּוֹן ) meaning: Daughter of Zion
Batel, Batela ( בַּת־אֵל ) meaning: Daughter of God
Bathsheba, Bathsheva( בת שבע‎ ) meaning: Daughter of an oath
Batya( בַּתְיָה ) meaning: Daughter of God
Batzra meaning: Fortress, enclosure, fortification
Bechira meaning: The chosen one
Behira, Behirah( בְּהִירָה ) meaning: Fair, bright, light, clear
Berachah( בִּרָכָה ) meaning: Blessing
Beruchiya meaning: Blessed by God
Bethel meaning: House of the Lord
Bethsabée (french)( בת שבע‎ ) meaning: Daughter of an Oath
Betuel meaning: Daughter of God
Betula, Betulah meaning: Maiden, young woman
Bina, Binah( בִּינָה ) meaning: Wisdom, wit, intelligence
Bira( בירה ) meaning: Fortress
Bisora( בְּשׂוֹרָה ) meaning: Tidings, good news
Bracha( בִּרָכָה ) meaning: Blessing