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Presenting a compilation of jewish names for girls that begin by the letter C.

Carma meaning: Garden; orchard; vineyard
Carmania meaning: Vineyard of the Lord
Carmela ( כַּרְמֶלָּה ) meaning: Garden; orchard; vineyard
Carmit ( כַּרְמִית ) meaning: Little vine
Carmiya ( כַּרְמִיָּה ) meaning: Vineyard of the lord
Carni ( קַרְנִי ) meaning: My horn; unisex name meaning a symbol of strenght
Carnia, Carnya ( קַרְנִיָּה ) meaning: Horn of God
Carniela, Carniella meaning: Horn of the Lord
Cayla meaning: Crown, laurel
Chafsiya meaning: Free
Chamania meaning: Sun, sunflower
Chamanit meaning: Sunflower
Chana, Chanah( חַנָה ) meaning: Grace, favour
Chanana meaning: Merciful, gracious
Chania, Chaniya ( חַנִיָּה ) meaning: Encampment, resting place
Chanina meaning: Gracious
Chanit meaning: Weapon
Chanita meaning: Weapon, spear
Channah( חַנָּה ) meaning: Grace, favour
Chanya meaning: The grace of Jehovah
Charna meaning: Dark
Chashmona meaning: Princess
Chasia, Chasya meaning: Guarded by God, protected by God, shelter
Chasida ( חֲסִידָה ) meaning: Kind, Pious and Righteous
Chasina meaning: Powerful, strong, mighty, a protection
Chava, Chavvah ( חַוָּה ) meaning: Life
Chaya ( חַיִּה ) meaning: Alive, living
Chaviva ( חֲבִיבָה ) meaning: Beloved
Chayele meaning: Alive, living
Chazona meaning: A seer, a prophetess; one who predicts the future
Chedra meaning: Joy
Cheftziya meaning: God is my delight
Cheifa meaning: Harbor
Chemda meaning: Charming; attractive
Chemdia, Chemdiah, Chemdiya meaning: God is my desire
Chen meaning: Grace of God
Chenia, Chenya ( הֵנְיָה ) meaning: Grace of God
Chermona meaning: Holy mountain
Cherut ( חֵרוּת ) meaning: Freedom
Cheruta ( חֵרוּתָה ) meaning: Other form of Cherut, Freedom
Chesed( חֶסֶד ) meaning Decency, mercy
Chiba ( חִבָּה ) meaning: Love
Chita ( חִטָה ) meaning: Food, grain
Chula meaning: Player of a musical instrument
Chulda ( חוּלְדָה ) meaning: A weasel
Chuma ( צ'ומה ) meaning: warmth, heat
Cidra meaning: Starlike
Civia meaning: Female Gazelle