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Jewish names for girls that begin in a D

This a list of hebrew names starting with the letter 'D'; to go back to main jewish names page, use that link.

Daliah, Dalya ( דָּלִיָּה ) meaning: Branch
Dalit ( דָּלִית ) meaning: Vine branches
Dana, Dania, Danya ( דָּנָה ) meaning: Arbiter, Judge
Daniah ( דַּנְיָה ) meaning: Judgement of the Lord
Daniela, Dannielle ( דָּנִיּאֵלָה ) meaning: God is my judge
Danit ( דָּנִית ) meaning: He judges
Dara meaning: Mother-of-pearl
Datiah, Datya ( דַּתְיָה ) meaning: Jehovah's law, God's religion
Dayana meaning: The judge
Davida ( דָוִידָה ) meaning: Feminine form of David, beloved
Deborah, Devora, Devorah, Devra ( דְּבוֹרָה ) meaning: Bee
Delila, Delilah( דְּלִילָה ) meaning: One who weakened or uprooted or impovereished
Deliylah ( דְּלִילָה ) meaning: Delicate
Derora( דְּרוֹרָה ) meaning: Freedom, Liberty, Sparrow
Deuela meaning: Knowledge of God
Devasha meaning: honey
Dikla, Diklit ( דִּקְלָה ) meaning: Palm tree, date tree
Dimona ( דִּימוֹנָה ) meaning: South
Dina, Dinah ( דִּינָה ) meaning: Judged
Dinia meaning: Jehovah's judgement
Dita ( דִּיתָה ) meaning: Praised
Ditza, Ditzah meaning: Happiness; cheerfulness; joy
Dorit ( דּוֹרִית ) meaning: My generation
Doriya ( דּוֹרִיָּה ) meaning: Generation
Doveva meaning: Talker, Graceful
Drora( דְּרוֹרָה ) meaning: Freedom, Liberty, Sparrow
Drorit( דְּרוֹרִית ) meaning: Freedom, Liberty, Sparrow
Dumia meaning: Peaceful, silent
Dvora, Dvorah ( דבורה ) meaning: Bee