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Jewish names for girls that start with the letter 'E'

This a list of hebrew names for girls that begin with an 'E'; here we notice a few names that start in Eli, such as Elisabeth, which means my God. To go back to the jewish names main page, use that link.

Edia, Ediah meaning: Adornment of God
Edna, Ednah ( עֶדְנָה ) meaning: Delight, pleasure, rejuvenation
Efah ( עֵיפָה ) meaning: Darkness, gloom
Efrata meaning: Honored
Efrona meaning: Bird
Eglah meaning: Heifer
Eidel meaning: Delicate, gentle
Eila, Eilah ( אֵלָה ) meaning: Oak tree
Eilam meaning: Word or eternal; hidden
Eilona ( אֵילוֹנָה ) meaning: Oak tree
Einet meaning: Spring, eye
Einav, Enav ( עֵנָב ) meaning: Grape
Eitana meaning: Strong, firm, impetuous
Eitanit meaning: Little strenght
Elah ( אֵלָה ) meaning: Oak tree
Elama meaning: The Lord's people
Elda meaning: God knows
Eleora( אליאורה ) meaning: God is my light
Eliana, Elianna ( אֶלִיעַנָה ) meaning: The Lord has responded
Eliava, Eliavah meaning: My Lord is willing
Eliezra meaning: My Lord is salvation
Elinoa, Elinoah meaning: My God is movement
Elinoam meaning: My God's delight
Elinoar meaning: My God is youth
Eliora ( אֶלִיאוֹרָה ) meaning: God is light
Eliraz ( אֱלִירָז ) meaning: My God is my secret
Elisa, Elise ( אלישע ) meaning: My God is vow, pledged to God
Elisha ( אֱלִישָׁע ) meaning: My God is salvation
Elisheba, Elisheva ( אֱלִישֶׁבַע ) meaning: God is my oath
Eliya ( אֱלִיָּה ) meaning: My God
Elizabeth meaning: My God is a vow
Elvera, Elvira meaning Uncertain, possibly noble guardian
Elza meaning: Joyful
Emuna, Emunah ( אֱמוּנָה ) meaning: Faithful, believer
Enav ( עֵנָב ) meaning: Grape
Erela ( אֶרְאֶלָּה ) meaning: Angel, messenger
Eri meaning: My protector; my awake one
Eshda meaning: Waterfall
Esther ( אֶסְתֵּר ) meaning: Star
Etanah meaning: Strong
Etania, Etanya meaning: Strenght of God
Etsiona, Etzyona meaning: Tree of Zion
Eve, Chava ( חַוָּה ) meaning: Life
Evrona meaning: Overflowing anger
Ezekiela meaning: God will strengthen
Ezraela, Ezraella, Ezriela, Ezriella meaning: God is my help