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Hebrew names for girls that start with the 'F' letter

Just as it is the case with male names, the hebrew language does not hold many traditional names starting with an F for girls; you will find however a few jewish names from the Yiddish cultural background, beginning with F.

Faiga, Fayga, Feiga ( פֵײגָא ) Meaning: Variant of Faigel, bird
Faigel ( פֵײגֶל ) Meaning: Bird
Fifna Meaning: He will add
Fifne Meaning: He will add
Fina Meaning: He will add
Fraida, Frayda, Freida ( פְּרידָע ) Meaning: from Yiddish, joy
Fraydel ( פְּרידָעל ) Meaning: from Yiddish, joy
Freyde Meaning: From yiddish, joy
Fruma ( פרוּמָא ) Meaning: Pious, righteous from Yiddish