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Jewish names for girls start with the 'H' letter

This a list of jewish names for girls that start with the letter H. These names use many and varied hebrew elements to form them, as you will see from this list. Many contemporary parents choose names from this list for their baby girl...

Hada ( הָדָה ) meaning: Short of Hadaccah, myrtle tree
Hadaccah ( הֲדַסָה ) meaning: Myrtle tree
Hadar ( הָדָ ) meaning: Splendor; glory; citrus fruit
Hadara meaning: Splendor; beautiful
Hadas ( הֲדַס ) meaning: Myrtle
Hadasa, Hadasah ( הֲדַסָּה ) meaning: Myrtle tree
Hadassa, Hadassah ( הֲדַסָּה ) meaning: Myrtle tree
Hagar ( הָגָר ) meaning: Flight
Hagara ( הֲגָרָה ) Derived from Hagar
Hallela( הללה ) meaning: Express admiration, praise
Halleli( הללי ) meaning: Honor God
Hamanit meaning: Sunflower
Hana, Hannah ( חַנָּה ) meaning: Favor, grace
Hanana meaning: Merciful, gracious
Hanny ( חַנִּי ) Derived from Hana
Hania, Haniya ( חַנִיָּה ) meaning: encampment, resting place
Hanita ( חֲנִיתָה ) meaning: resting place
Harela ( הַרְאֵלָה ) meaning: Altar in the Temple
Hasia, Hasya, Chasia ( חַסְיָה ) meaning: Have mercy, take refuge
Hasida ( חֲסִידָה ) meaning: Righteous, pious and kind
Havatselet, Havazelet ( חֲבַצֶלֶת ) meaning: Sand lily
Haviva ( חֲבִיבָה ) meaning: Feminine of Haviv, Pleasant, kind, loved, amiable
Haya ( חַיָּה ) meaning: Life, vitality
Hayuta, Hayyuta ( חַיּוּתָה ) Derived from hayut, lifespan
Hed ( הֵד ) meaning: Echo
Heda ( הֵדָה ) meaning: Echo
Hedi meaning: My echo
Hedia, Hediah, Hedya meaning: Echo of God
Hedva ( חֶדְוָה ) meaning: Joy, happiness
Hemda ( חֶמְדָּה ) meaning: Desired, beautiful
Hemdia, Hemdiah meaning: God is my desire
Hen ( חֵן ) meaning: Grace, charm
Henia, Heniah ( הֵנְיָה ) meaning: Grace of God
Hephzibah meaning: She is my delight
Hermona ( חֶרְמוֹנָה ) meaning: Feminine of Hermon, a mountain in the Golan Heights
Herut ( חֵרוּת ) meaning: Freedom
Heruta ( חֵרוּתָה ) Derived from Herut, liberty, freedom
Hiba ( חִבָּה ) meaning: Other form of Chiba, Love
Hila, Hilah ( הִלָּה ) meaning: Halo, radiance, aura
Hilana meaning: Halo
Hilela ( הִיללה ) meaning: Praise
Hili meaning: My halo; my praise
Hilit ( הִלִּית ) Derived from Hila, aura, halo, radiance
Hillela meaning: Praise
Hinda meaning: Hind, female red deer
Hodaya ( הוֹדָיָה ) meaning: Thanksgiving
Hosha'na ( הוֹשׁע-נא ) meaning: Deliver us