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Jewish names for girls that begin with the J letter

Here with a compilation of jewish names for girls that begin the letter J. Many of these hebrew names can be transcribed in english as beginning with a Y instead, as they actually start with a Yod ( י ) in hebrew script.

Jacquelyn, Jacqueline ( ז'קלין ) meaning: Supplanter, may God protect
Jacquette meaning: Supplanter
Jael ( יָעֵל ) meaning: God's power
Jaffa, Jaffe ( יָפוֹ ) meaning: Handsome; beautiful
Jafit, Jafita meaning: Beauty, Beautiful
Jamesetta, Jamesette meaning: Supplanter
Janna, Jenna( יוֹחָנָה ) meaning: God is gracious
Jarah ( יַעְרָה ) meaning: Honeycomb
Jardena Variation of Jordana; To flow down, descend
Jardenia meaning: Lord's garden
Javona, Javonnah meaning: God is gracious
Jechiliah meaning: Power of God
Jecholiah, Jecoliah meaning: Power of God
Jedidah ( יְדִידָה ) meaning: Friend
Jemima, Jemimah ( יְמִימָה ) meaning: Dove
Jerushah meaning: Legacy, inheritance
Jethra ( יתרה ) meaning: Pre-eminence, wealth, abundance
Jezabel, Jezebel ( אִיזֶבֶל ) meaning: Chaste, unmarried, virginal
Joana, Joanne, Joanie, Johanna, Johanne ( יוֹחָנָה ) meaning: God is gracious
Jochebed( יוֹכֶבֶד or יוֹכָבֶד ) meaning: God's glory, Mother of Moses
Jochebel, Jochevel meaning: The Lord is glory
Jocheved ( יוֹכֶבֶד ) meaning: The Lord is glory
Jodi, Jodie meaning: Of Judea, other form of Judith
Joela ( יוֹאֵלָה ) meaning: Form of Yoela, God is the Lord
Jonatha meaning: God has given; gift of God
Jonina meaning: Little dove
Jora, Jorah, Johrah( יורה ) meaning: Autumn rain
Jordana( ירדנה ) meaning: Descend, flow down
Judith ( יְהוּדִית ) meaning: Woman from Judea, praise