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Jewish and hebrew names for girls that start by the letter K

Here is a short list of the jewish names for girls that are beginning with the letter K. Note here the name Kezia which linguists think is probably the first form from which the name Keisha was created; it is a hebrew name and was made popular by the pop singer. In order to go to main jewish names page, click that link.

Kadiah, Kadiya meaning: Pitcher
Kalanit Kallanit ( כַּלָּנִית ) meaning: Anemone, windflower
Kanara meaning: A canary, a small songbird
Karmela meaning: Garden; orchard; vineyard
Karmil meaning: Crimson, bright red
Karnia ( קַרְנִיָּה ) meaning: Horn of God
Karniela ( קַרְנִיאֵלָה ) meaning: Horn of the Lord
Katania, Kataniya meaning: Little, small
Kaila, Kayla, Kaylah( קַײלָע ) Diminutive form of Michaela, which means: Who is like God?
Kefira ( כְּפִירָה ) meaning: Young lioness
Kelila, Kelilah ( כְּלִילָה ) meaning: perfection; crown, laurel
Kerem meaning: Vineyard
Keren ( קֶרֶן ) meaning: Musical instrument, ray of light
Keshet ( קֶשֶׁת ) meaning: Rainbow
Ketifa meaning: Blooming
Ketina meaning: A child, a youngster
Ketzia, Ketziah meaning: Cinnamon-like bark
Kezia, Keziah meaning: Cassia; sweet-scented spice
Kevuda meaning: precious or respected
Kiba, Kiva Other form of Akiva
Kiriah, Kirya, Kiria( קריה ) meaning: Village
Kitra meaning: Crown, crowned
Klila, Kelila( כְּלִילָה ) meaning: Perfect
Kochava ( כּוֹכָבָה ) Derived from kochav, star