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Jewish Names for Girls beginning with the letter 'L'

This a list of jewish names for girls that begin with the letter L. Some very well know names, such as Lea and Leila are part of this list below...

Latifa ( לָטִיפָה ) meaning: Caress
Laya meaning: Weary
Lea, Leah ( לֵאָה ) meaninh: Weary
Lebanah ( לְבָנָה ) meaning: White moon
Leeran meaning: My song, my joy
Leeza meaning: My God is a vow
Leila, Leilah ( לַיְלָה ) meaning: Night
Leora meaning: My light; I see
Levana meaning: Moon
Levia, Leviah ( לְבִיאָה ) meaning: Lioness of the Lord
Levina meaning: Heart
Levona, Levonat meaning: Frankincense
Leya meaning: Weary
Liat ( לִיאַתּ ) meaning: You are mine
Liba, Libe ( לִיבָּא ) meaning: Loved one
Libi, Libbi ( לִיבֶּע ) meaning: My heart
Libiya meaning: My heart belongs to God
Libke meaning: Loved one
Libnah ( לִבְנָה ) meaning: Whiteness, transparency
Lieba meaning: Loved one
Liel ( לִיאֵל ) meaning: I have a God
Lihi ( לִיהִי ) meaning: She is mine
Lila ( לִילָה ) meaning: She is mine
Lilit, Lilith ( לִילִית ) meaning: Of the night
Linit meaning: To rest
Lior ( לִיאוֹר ) meaning: My light
Liora ( לִיאוֹרָה ) meaning: My light, I have a light
Liran ( לִירָן ) meaning: My song; my joy
Liraz meaning: My secret, I have a secret
Lirit ( לִירִית ) meaning: Poetic
Lirona meaning: My song; my joy
Lital ( לִיטַל ) meaning: I have dew
Livana meaning: Moon
Liviya meaning: Lioness of the Lord
Livna ( לִבְנָה ) meaning: Whiteness, transparency
Livnat ( לִבְנַת ) meaning: Whiteness, transparency
Luna ( לוּנה ) meaning: Dweller