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Jewish and hebrew names for girls that start by the letter M

Here is a list of the jewish names for girls that are beginning with the M letter. You will find here of course the name Mary and all its different forms; we know that the name Mary derives from Miryam, on which historians aren't perfectly sure of this names origin; it might even have an ancient egyptian origin. Also, the numerious forms arising from Magda can be seen here; Magdala was a town in Palestine, mentioned in the Talmud, as well as the Bible. In order to return back to main jewish names page, click that link.

Maacha, Maakah ( מַעֲכָה ) meaning: To squeeze
Maaike meaning: Bitter, Dutch for Maria
Maanit meaning: Marker; furrow
Maaria meaning: Bitter
Maarika meaning: Bitter
Maarja meaning: Bitter
Maayana meaning: Spring
Maayan, Maayane ( מַעֲיָן ) meaning: Spring
Macia meaning: Bitter
Madailéin Other form of Magdala
Madalena, Maddalena( מגדלנה ) Other form of Magdala
Madalina Other form of Magdala
Madelein, Madeleine Meaning: Other form of Magdalene, from Magdala
Madelena, Madelena, Madeline, Madeline Other form of Magdalene, from Magdala
Madelyn, Madelynn Meaning: Other form of Magdalene, from Magdala
Magda meaning: From Magdala
Magdala( מגדל ) meaning: Woman from Magdala, city in Galilea
Magdalena, Magdalene( מגדלנה ) meaning: From Magdala, Elegant, great, magnificient
Magdusia Other form of Magdala
Mahalia, Mahalie meaning: Fat fatlings; marrow
Mae, Mahé, Mahée meaning: Gift of God
Mahira meaning: Capable
Maja meaning: Bitter
Makaila, Makayla meaning: Who is like God?
Makeda meaning: Bowl; cup; vessel
Makelina meaning:
Malbina meaning: Bright; she who enlightens
Malea, Maleah meaning:
Malena Simplification of Magdalene
Maliana meaning:
Malka, Malkah, Malkia( מַלְכָּה ) meaning: Queen
Malkosha meaning: Last rain
Manola meaning: God is with us
Manuela meaning: God is with us
Manya meaning: Bitter
Mara, Marah ( מָרָה ) meaning: Bitter
Maraea meaning: Bitter
Maralyn meaning:
Maressa meaning:
Margalit ( מַרְגָּלִית ) meaning: Pearl, a precious object
Marganit ( מַרְגָּנִית ) meaning: Pimpernel (a flower)
Margaron meaning: Pearl
Margea meaning: Peace
Maria, Mariah, Marie Latin form of Maryam
Mariel, Marielle meaning:
Marietta, Mariette French diminutive of Marie, Mary
Marika meaning:
Marissa meaning: Wished for
Marnina ( מַרְנִינָה ) meaning: Rejoice
Marona meaning: A flock of sheep
Mariam, Maryam ( מרים ) meaning: Arabic form of Miryam
Marta, Martha, Marthe ( מרתא ) meaning: The lady
Maya ( מַיָּה ) Short form of Mayan
Mayan meaning: Spring, oasis
Mayim( מים ) meaning: Water
Mazal ( מַזָּל ) meaning: Luck, fortune; fate or constellation
Meira ( מֵאִירָה ) meaning: Illuminates
Meital ( מֵיטַל ) meaning: Dew-water, dew drop
Menucha ( מְנוּחָה ) meaning: Tranquility
Merab, Merav ( מֵרַב ) meaning: Most of, the majority
Meshi ( מֶשִׁי ) meaning: Silk
Michaela ( מִיכָאֵלָה ) Derived from Michael
Michal, Michelle ( מִיכַל ) meaning: Brook
Mika ( מִיקָה ) Short form of Michelle
Miriam, Miryam ( מִרְיָם ) meaning: Bitter, obstinacy, rebelliousness