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Jewish names for girls that begin with the N letter

This is a compilation of jewish names for girls that begin with an N.

Naa, Naah meaning: Pleasant
Naam, Naama, Naamah ( נַעֲמָה ) meaning: Pleasantness, graciousness
Naamana( נַעֲמָנָה ) meaning: Pleasant
Naamiah meaning: sweetness of Jehovah
Naamit( נָעֳמִית ) meaning: Bird
Naamiy, Naami ( נָעֳמִי ) meaning: Loveliness
Naara, Naarah meaning: Young woman
Naaria, Naariah, Naarya meaning: Child of God
Nadian, Nadyan meaning: A pond
Nafshiya meaning Companionship, friendship
Nagida ( נגידה ) meaning: Successful, prosperous
Nahara meaning: Light
Naomi, No'omi, No'omiy ( נָעֳמִי ) meaning: Beautiful, pleasant, delightful
Naphtali ( נַפְתָּלִי ) meaning: Twist or struggle
Nasia, Nasya meaning: Miracle of Jehovah
Nataniah meaning: Gift from Jevovah
Nataniela meaning: Gift of God
Nava ( נָאוָה ) meaning: Beautiful
Nechama ( נֶחָמָה ) meaning: Console, comfort
Nechona meaning: Proper
Nediva meaning: Noble, generous
Nehama ( נֶחָמָה ) meaning: See Nechama, Condolence, consolation, comfort
Neima meaning: Strong
Nemera meaning: Leopard
Neora meaning: Enlightened
Nera meaning: Burning light
Nerit meaning: Burning light
Neriah, Neriya(  נְרִיָה ) meaning: Burning light of Jehovah
Nesiah meaning: Miracle of Jehovah
Neta ( נֶטַע ) meaning: Plant, shrub
Netana meaning: Gift
Netanela ( נְתַנְאֵלָה ) Derived from Netanel
Netania, Netaniah, Netanya meaning: Gift of Jehovah
Neviah meaning: Prophetess, seer into the future
Nina ( נִינָה ) meaning: Granddaughter or great-ganddaughter
Nira ( נִירָה ) meaning: Plowed field
Nisa, Nissa ( נִסָה ) meaning: Sign, the test
Nita ( נִיטַע ) meaning: To plant
Nitza ( נִצָה ) meaning: Flower bud
Niva ( נִיבָה ) meaning: Voice, speech
Noa ( נׄעָה ) meaning: Motion
Noga, Nogah ( נׄגַה ) meaning: Shining splendor
Nuphar ( נוּפָר ) meaning: Nuphar or water lily, water plant
Nur meaning: Flame
Nura meaning: Light
Nurit ( נוּרִית ) meaning: Flower name
Nurya ( נוּרְיָא ) meaning: God's flame