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Jewish names for girls that begin with the letter O

This is a list of jewish names for girls that start by the letter O. In this list you can find the use of the hebrew word Or (אור) used in jewish names which means light...

Odeda ( עוֹדֵדָה ) meaning: Encouraged, feminine of Oded
Odeleya ( אוֹדֶלְיָה ) meaning: I will praise God
Odiya meaning: I will honor God
Ofra, Ofrah ( עָפְרָה ) meaning: Young deer
Ohela meaning: Tent
Onia, Onya meaning: Ship
Ophira, Ofira ( אוֹפִירָה ) meaning: Gold
Ophrah ( עָפְרָה ) meaning: Young deer
Or ( אוֹר ) meaning: Light
Ora, Orah ( אוֹרָה ) meaning: Light
Oralee ( אוֹרָה-לִי ) meaning: My light
Oranit ( אוֹרָנִית ) Derived from oren, pine tree
Orgal meaning: Wave of light
Oria, Orya meaning: Light of God
Orli, Orlie ( אוֹרְלִי ) meaning: I have a light
Orna ( אָרְנָה ) meaning: Let there be light
Orpah ( עָרְפָּה ) meaning: A fawn, a forelock; back of the neck
Ortal ( אוֹרְטַל ) meaning: Dew glow, tal means dew and or means light
Oshra ( אָשְׁרָה ) meaning: Happiness
Oshrat ( אָשְׁרַת ) meaning: Happiness
Oshri ( אָשְׁרִי ) meaning: My happiness
Oshrit ( אָשְׁרִית ) meaning: Happiness
Otzara meaning: Riches, treasures
Ozera meaning: Help, assistance, helper

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