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Jewish names for girls that start with the letter 'P'

This a list of hebrew names for girls that begin with a 'P'; as you see there aren't many jewish names that start by this letter.

Paza meaning: Gold
Pazia, Paziah, Pazya meaning: Gold of God
Pazit ( פַּזִּית ) meaning: Gold
Pelia meaning: Miracle of God
Peliah meaning: Wonderful
Peninah, Peninnah, Penninah ( פְּנִנָּה ) meaning: Coral, a pearl, ruby
Perach meaning: Flower, blossom
Pili ( פִּלְאִי ) meaning: Miraculous
Pollie Diminutive of Mary: bitter, rebellion, wished-for child
Polly Diminutive of Mary: bitter, rebellion, wished-for child

This hebrew names compilation attempts to solve some questions, such as: what is the meaning of my name? Can you give us ideas on what jewish name to give to our baby girl... Should you come across another name we should add to this list please contact us.