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Here is a compilation of jewish names that begin with the letter S. In this list many popular names stand out, such as Sarah, Salma or Sharon; two hebrew letters are used in those names when writing these names in hebrew: the Samekh, for a pure S sound; then the letter Shin is also frequent also for the S sound as well as for representing the SH sound. In order to go to main jewish names page, click that link.

Saba, Sabah, Sava( סָבָא ) meaning: Has reached Maturity; Arabic: morning
Sabella meaning: My God is a vow
Sabra( סַבְּרָה ) meaning: Patient, enduring
Sadie meaning: Princess
Sahar meaning: Moon
Sala meaning: Peace
Salame meaning: Well-being; peace
Salcia meaning: Peace
Salka meaning: Peace
Sallie, Sally meaning: Princess
Salma ( שַׂלְמָה ) meaning: Garment
Salome, Salomée meaning: Peace
Samaara, Samara meaning: Regard, guardian
Samra meaning: Regard, guardian
Samuela, Samuella meaning: His name is God
Samuelle meaning: His name is God
Sanna meaning: Lily
Saphira( סַפִירָה ) Originally greek, meaning: Sapphire
Sansana meaning: The inner structure of the palm leaf
Sara, Sarah ( שָׂרָה ) meaning: Ruler, princess
Sarai ( שָׂרַי ) meaning: Princess
Sari ( שָׂרִי ) meaning: My princess
Sariah meaning: Princess
Sarina meaning: Princess
Sarit ( שָׂרִית ) meaning: Little princess
Sasona meaning: Joy, bliss
Savyon ( סַבְיוֹן ) meaning:Ragwort
Sela, Selah( סֶלַע ) meaning: Rock or Pause and reflect
Semadar( סְמָדַר ) meaning: Happy, joyful
Semeicha meaning: Happy, joyful
Seona meaning: God is gracious
Seonag meaning: God is gracious; beautiful
Séphora meaning: Female bird
Serach meaning: Abundance, excess
Shaanana meaning: Calm, peaceful, tranquil
Shacharit meaning: Sunrise
Shachariya meaning: Dawn of God
Shae meaning: Supplanter
Shahar( שַׁחַר ) meaning: Sunrise; morning. Also Schachar
Shaharit meaning: Sunrise; morning
Shaharita meaning: Sunrise, morning
Shalhevet ( שַׁלְהֶבֶת ) meaning: Flame
Shalisa meaning: Name of a Biblical place
Shalva, Shalvah ( שַׁלְוָה ) meaning: Calmness, serenity, tranquility, peace
Shalviya meaning: The peace of God
Shamira ( שָׁמִירָה ) meaning: Guardian, defender
Shan meaning: God is gracious
Shani ( שָׁנִי ) meaning: Crimson red
Shannah meaning: Lily
Shannan meaning: God is gracious
Shannen meaning: God is gracious
Shannon, Shanon meaning: God is gracious
Shara meaning: The plains
Shari meaning: The plains
Sharon, Sharron ( שָׁרוֹן ) meaning: The plains
Sharona ( שָׁרוֹנָה ) meaning: The plains
Sharonda meaning: The plains
Sharyn meaning: The plains
Shauna, Shaunna meaning: God is gracious
Shawna, Shawnna meaning: God is gracious
Shawnda meaning: God is gracious
Shay meaning: Supplanter
Shayleen meaning: Supplanter
Sheba ( שֶׁבַע ) Short of Bathsheba meaning: Daughter of an oath
Sheerah ( שֶׁאֱרָה ) meaning: Kinswoman
Sheina ( שֵׁיינָא ) meaning: from Yiddish, meaning "beautiful."
Shekeda meaning: Shekeda
Shekinah( שׁכִינה ) meaning: God's holy spirit
Shelavia, Shelavya meaning: To be joined together
Sheli ( שֶׁלִּי ) meaning: Mine, belonging to me
Shelia, Shelya meaning: Blind
Sherah meaning: Kinswoman
Sheri meaning: The plains
Sherie meaning: The princess
Shifa meaning: Abundance, quantity
Shifrah ( שִׁפְרָה ) meaning: Good looking, beautiful
Shila meaning: Gift for her
Shilga meaning: Snow
Shimona ( שִׁמְעוֹנָה ) meaning: Heard
Shimriah meaning: Jehovah is protector, the Lord protects
Shimrith ( שִׁמְרִית ) meaning: Keep, guard, protect
Shiphrah ( שִׁפְרָה ) meaning: Beauty, grace
Shira, Shirah ( שִׁירָה ) meaning: Melody, song
Shiri ( שִׁירָי ) meaning: My song
Shirlee ( שִׁיר-לִי ) meaning: Song is mine
Shlomit ( שְׁלוֹמִית ) meaning: Peace
Shola, Sholah meaning: Energetic
Shomera meaning: Guard
Shona, Shonna meaning: God is gracious; beautiful
Shoshana, Shoshanah, Shoshanna, Shoshannah ( שׁוֹשַׁנָּה ) meaning: Lily, rose
Shula ( שׁוּלָה ) meaning: Short form of Shulamit
Shulamit ( שׁוּלַמִּית ) meaning: Person from Shulam
Shunit ( שׁוּנִית ) meaning: Reef
Shura ( שׁוּרָה ) meaning: Row, line
Siana, Sianna meaning: God is gracious
Sigalia, Sigaliya meaning: God's violet; God's treasure
Sigal ( סִיגָל ) meaning: Violet
Sigalit ( סִיגָלִית ) meaning: Violet
Sima ( סִימָה ) meaning: Treasure
Simona ( סִימוֹנָה ) meaning: Listening
Simone, Simonne meaning: Listening
Sine meaning: God is gracious
Siona meaning: Excellent
Sioned meaning: God is gracious
Sivana ( סִיוָנָה ) meaning: The ninth month of the Jewish calender
Siwan meaning: God is gracious
Smadar, Semadar ( סְמָדַר ) meaning: Burgeonning fruit, newly developed fruit.
Somona meaning: Listening
Soreka meaning: Grapevine
Sosanna meaning: Lily
Susan, Susann, Suzan, Suzanne meaning: Lily