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Jewish names for girls starting with the letter T

Here is a sizeable list of jewish names for girls beginning with the T letter. Here a few names stand out, such as Thalia, Tamara, and many more.  In order to go to main jewish names page, click that link.

Tala ( טָלָה ) meaning: Dew
Talia, Talya, Thalia, Taliah ( טַלְיָה ) meaning: Dew of God; female lamb
Talila ( טַלִּילָה ) Derived from Tal, Dew
Talma ( תַּלְמָה ) meaning: Hill, furrow
Talmor meaning: Sprinkled with myrrh
Talor meaning: Morning dew
Talora meaning: Morning dew
Tam meaning: Twin
Tamah, Tamma meaning: Innocent
Tamar ( תָּמָר ) meaning: Palm tree; upright
Tamara ( תְּמָרָה ) meaning: Palm tree
Tari meaning: Fresh; ripe
Tavora meaning: From Mt. Tavor
Techiya meaning: Life
Tehila, Tehilla ( תְּהִלָּה ) meaning: Song of honour, glory, praise
Temira meaning: Tall; slender
Tenuvah meaning: Produce, fruit and vegetables
Teriah meaning: Fresh, new
Teshuah meaning: Salvation, deliverance
Teshura, Teshurah meaning: Gift
Teva meaning: Nature; arch; word
Tevita meaning: Beloved
Tifara meaning: Glory; beauty
Tiferet meaning: Glory; beauty
Tivka, Tikvah ( תִּקְוָה ) meaning: Hope; "Hatikvah" is Israel's Anthem
Timor, Timora meaning: Slender, secret
Tira meaning: Encampment
Tirza, Tirzah ( תִּרְזָה ) meaning: Birch
Tiva meaning: Good
Tivoni meaning: Naturist; lover of nature
Tova, Tovah ( טוֹבָה ) meaning: Good
Tovia, Toviah, Toviya meaning: Goodness of God
Tshuva meaning: Response; return; repentance
Tzabarit meaning: Cactus
Tzadeket meaning: Righteous; just; pious
Tzafnat meaning: Hidden
Tzafra meaning: Morning
Tzafrira meaning: Morning wind
Tzahala meaning: Joy
Tzameret meaning: Tree top
Tzchora, Tzechora meaning: White
Tzchorit meaning: White
Tzefira meaning: Crown, morning
Tzeira meaning: Youthful, young
Tzemicha meaning: Flowering, blossoming
Tzeruia, Tzeruyah meaning: Balm of God
Tzevia, Tzeviya, Tzivya meaning: Gazelle
Tzila ( צִלָה ) meaning: Shadow, shade, gloom
Tzina meaning: A protection, a shelter
Tzipiya meaning: Hope
Tziporah ( צִפּוֹרָה ) meaning: Female bird
Tziporen meaning: Carnation
Tzira meaning: Messenger
Tziyona meaning: Hill
Tzofia, Tzofiya ( צוֹפִיָּה ) meaning: A scout of Jehovah
Tzufit ( צוּפִית ) meaning: Sunbird
Tzuria meaning: Rock of God
Tzuria, Tzuriya meaning: Rock of God
Tzuriela meaning: Rock of God
Tzurit meaning: Little Rock
Tziviela meaning: Gazelle of God; glory of God
Tzviya ( צִבְיָה ) meaning: Gazelle; glory