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Jewish names for girls that begin by the Y letter

This is a list of jewish names for girls that begin with the letter Y. Many names from this list can also be found written with a J instead of the Y, as they start with the same letter, the Yod ( י ); so in fact they can be transcribed in two different but correct ways using the roman alphabet.

Yaakova( יַעֲקֹבָה ) meaning: Supplanter; held by the heel
Yaakovina meaning: Supplanter; held by the heel
Yaakovit meaning: Supplanter; held by the heel
Yaala meaning: Antelope; gazelle
Yaara meaning: Woodland; honeycomb
Yaarit ( יַעֲרִית ) meaning: Woodland; honeycomb
Yachne meaning: God is gracious
Yael ( יָעֵל ) meaning: Ibex or God's glory
Yaen meaning: Ostrich
Yafa, Yaffa ( יָפָה ) meaning: Beautiful
Yafit meaning: Beautiful
Yahala meaning: He will praise
Yahalom meaning: Diamond
Yahaloma meaning: Diamond
Yahalomit meaning: Diamond
Yaira ( יָאִירָה ) meaning: To enlighten, he will illuminate
Yakira ( יַקִּירָה ) meaning: Precious, clear, loved, respected
Yamit ( יַמִּית ) meaning: Small sea
Yanocha meaning: To rest
Yanuva meaning: She will speak
Yardena ( יַרְדָנָה ) meaning: To flow down, descend
Yardenia, Yardeniya meaning: Lord's garden
Yarkona meaning: Green
Yarona meaning: She will sing
Yasmin ( יַסְמִין ) Other form of Jasmine
Yatva meaning: Good
Yavneela meaning: God will construct
Yechezkela meaning: God will strenghten
Yechida meaning: Unique; unity
Yechiela, Yechiella meaning: May God live
Yedida( יְדִידָה ) meaning: Beloved, friend
Yeela ( יְעֵלָה ) meaning: Antelope; gazelle or mountain goat
Yeelit meaning: Antelope; gazelle
Yehava meaning: Gift
Yehudit( יְהוּדִית ) meaning: Of the Tribe of Judah
Yeira meaning: Light
Yekutiela meaning: God will feed
Yemima ( יְמִימָה ) meaning: A dove
Yemina meaning: Right hand
Yeora meaning: River
Yeorit meaning: Little river
Yerachmiela meaning: God will have mercy
Yeruchama meaning: He will show compassion
Yerusha meaning: Inheritance
Yeshara meaning: Honest, straightforward
Yigaela meaning: He will be redeemed; he will be saved
Yinona meaning: She will have descendants
Yiska ( יִסְכָּה ) meaning: One who beholds, one who looks out
Yizreela meaning: God will seed
Yochana ( יוֹחָנָה ) meaning: God is gracious
Yochebed, Yocheved ( יוֹכֶכֶד ) meaning: God is Glory
Yodita meaning: Of the Tribe of Judah
Yoela ( יוֹאֵלָה ) meaning: Jehovah is his God
Yoelit meaning: Jehovah is his God
Yofit meaning: Little beauty
Yona, Yonah meaning: Dove
Yonat ( יוֹנַת ) From Yona, Dove
Yonata meaning: Little Dove
Yonati meaning: My little Dove
Yonina ( יוֹנִינָה ) meaning: Little Dove
Yonit ( יוֹנִית ) meaning: Little Dove
Yonita meaning: Little dove